I am an avid gardener and have spent countless hours enjoying the bounties of the Creator under the bright blue dome of the Queensland skies.  Tending my medium size vegie patch, planting seeds and watching them grow – carefully weeding around the tiny plants, faithfully (or not so faithfully at times) watering the tender seedlings, covering their roots with mulch to preserve moisture, supporting them gently so the don’t fall over – all this has taught me so many lessons for my soul.

Just as permaculture is about going back to the life God design for us – living in the garden, having community, and caring for the earth that God created for us, working with the laws that God has put there to govern our planet instead of against them – so in permaculture 4 the soul we will be looking at the life God designed for us spiritually, in the garden of our own soul, in interaction with others and with the world around us.

This is my first attempt at blogging and I think it may get a little messy but my desire is to share things that have touched me, lessons I have learned, and video, audio, and other media snippets that I hope you will enjoy.

God Bless.

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